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Dehydrated skin causes dryness that you not only see but feel. This occurs when skin is not properly exfoliated causing lack of moisture. Tackle dryness at its source with our rich and intensive moisturizers to give your skin the hydration it deserves.

Priori LCA Fx110 | Gentle Facial Cleanser with Lactic Acid

LCA fx110 - Gentle Cleanser


Priori DNA fx221 Vitamin C Anti Wrinkle Recovery Serum

DNA fx221 - Recovery Serum


Priori DNA Intense Recovery Cream – Blue Light and Pollution Defense Moisturizer | Priori Skincare

DNA Intense Recovery Cream


Priori Luxuriant Cream fx341 | Hydrating & Nourishing Moisturizer for Men & Women

TTC fx341 - Luxuriant Cream


Priori Natural Enzyme Peel & Mask fx360 | Purifying & Hydrating Pumpkin & Papaya Mask & Face Peel

TTC fx360 - Natural Enzyme Peel & Mask


Hydrofill Mask with Lactic Acid and Antioxidants | Priori Skincare

LCA fx161 - Hydrofill Mask


Tetra fx251 Mineral Sunscreen SPF50 with Blue Light Protection

Tetra fx251 - Tinted Sunscreen SPF 50

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Priori Mineral Foundation | Mineral Loose Powder Makeup

Mineral Skincare Powder - SPF 25 Sunscreen


TTC Natural Soothing Balm

TTC Natural Soothing Balm